March 09, 2013

Biking on the Sunnyside Bluff


It's that time of year. Spring fever hits. 

Despite the cold, Calgary can be pretty friendly to winter bikers.

 The snows are light and short lived, it's almost desert after all. The river valley through downtown is flat and there's a good pathway system. And best of all Chinooks come through, regularly drying the streets.

But I know it's nearing spring when I go biking with no destination in mind. I left the house late in the afternoon, after the temperature had already dipped enough to need a toque and gloves. I ran into Meghan just down the street then proceeded to the Sunnyside Bluff. This particular piece of the Bluff is one of my favourite places in Calgary. The other being Edworthy Park. I stayed there till dark filming my bicycle and  runners and wind in the grass. I'll watch it in a few months and be amazed that amid the summer lush, even the mud and dry spring grasses are beautiful to behold.

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